CM Punk has been the talk of the pro wrestling town since this past July, when he was first rumored to be negotiating a return to the ring. While anticipation for his presumed AEW debut this Friday is reaching a fever pitch, the Best in the World has been busy with promotion for his wrestling-related drama series, Heels.

While Punk has yet to star in a Hollywood blockbuster, he says he’s inspired by some of his fellow wrestlers turned actors’ film careers.

“I watch guys, friends of mine, Dave Bautista, do these huge blockbuster roles but also do roles that are challenging to him because he wants to grow and be a better actor,” Punk told the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. “I just want to follow in his footsteps.”

Punk’s comments weren’t lost on Batista. The future WWE Hall of Famer responded to Punk’s praise by emphatically declaring that Punk is destined for Hollywood superstardom.

“I already knew this. And the talent is obvious. He’s going to be bigger in films than he was in wrestling. Save this tweet,” Batista wrote.

Punk responded to Batista’s praise shortly after, noting he followed his orders.

“I saved this tweet,” Punk wrote. “Thanks Big Dave let’s gooooooooo!!!!! #dreamchasers.”

As noted, Punk is expected to make his pro wrestling return this Friday on AEW Rampage: The First Dance. Punk has teased his AEW debut on social media, and numerous references to the Best in the World have been made on past editions of AEW Dynamite.

You can see Batista’s tweet and Punk’s response below:

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