Former NXT star Bronson Reed continues to stay active on social media, calling out the AEW TNT Champion Miro earlier tonight.

“Grinding In Violence Every Match Every Moment Is Reality Of … course,” Reed wrote.

Taking the first capitalized letter it reads out, “Give Me Miro.”

Reed was among the 13 NXT talents cut last Friday as WWE reportedly looks to change up its developmental direction. He has since posted a video reacting to his departure and referring to himself as the “best super heavyweight in the world.”

He also received some buzz last night by posting a clip from The Simpsons while NXT was airing. The video featured Elvis saying, “Ehh, this show ain’t no good,” and firing his gun at the TV.

Miro is scheduled to defend his title against Fuego del Sol on this Friday’s AEW Rampage at 10 pm ET on TNT.