Renee Paquette On Pro Wrestling Fans Wanting WWE And AEW To Be “Us Vs. Them”

With strong ties to both former employer WWE and husband Jon Moxley's current stomping grounds AEW, Renee Paquette walks a fine line. Especially, she suggests, in the eyes of fans wanting her to declare an allegiance.

"It does very much feel like you're either 'in' or you're 'out,' whether it's WWE or AEW," Paquette shared during an exclusive Wrestling Inc. interview.

"Wrestling fans, they very much so want to take a side," she continued, "They want it to be 'us vs. them,' WWE vs. AEW, however you want to look at that."

The divide among those who vocally support one company over the other appears to widen by the day, with audiences often clamoring for pro wrestling's stars to do the same. Any expecting Paquette to choose a team, or poring over her social media looking for indications of preference, could be in for a long wait.

"If you say something positively or negatively about either promotion," she explained. "It seems like you've drawn your line in the sand, where you're like, 'I love this and hate this.' I'm not like that!"

According to the new mom and former Total Divas cast member, there are aspects of both companies she enjoys more or less than others. Paquette notes, however, that's how she is about everything in life. She says: "Nothing is just black and white like that; there's this gray area."

Paquette lives comfortably in that space within pro wrestling. After spending eight years as "Renee Young," she remains on outstanding terms with WWE, which invited her back as recently as WrestleMania — even with due date for daughter Nora, now seven weeks old, looming.

"There's no ill-will or bad blood or anything like that," she assured. "I'll always have love for WWE."

Meanwhile, she has a very clear appreciation for the competition. Not only is her spouse thriving there, numerous AEW stars have appeared on Paquette's popular podcast Oral Sessions and — like many individuals within WWE — are personal friends.

For Paquette, it's about the bigger picture. She encourages audiences to see it the same.

"It's all wrestling; you can watch both. They're all on different nights," she said.

"You can enjoy all of it and be happy there's more wrestling to enjoy, and that there's different styles to enjoy, different performers," Paquette pointed out. "There's so much more to really sink your teeth into, and I think it's really great for everybody."

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