Renee Paquette Talks Watching Hardcore Matches Involving Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette was as surprised as anyone to see Matt Cardona become wrestling's new King of the Death Match. Of Cardona winning the Game Changer Wrestling World title from Nick Gage, the former WWE broadcaster said: "I didn't know that was on his bingo card!"


Her next thought, though, was for his fiancee Chelsea Green. Shortly after Cardona won the belt, Paquette reached out to the former NXT star on Twitter, offering her fellow Canadian emotional support.

"I know how that feels to be sitting there going like 'Oh, my God!'" Paquette explained during an exclusive Wrestling Inc. Interview.

"It can be very stressful," she continued, speaking from personal experience, "Especially when it's somebody like Nick Gage across the ring from your significant other. It's not easy to watch."

Like the former "Zack Ryder," who took home gold July 24 at GCW Homecoming (Night One), Paquette's husband Jon Moxley also has an extended history with Gage. She suggests it might be particularly jarring for Green, as it was for her, watching a partner transition from the WWE style to life as a hardcore wrestler.


"When Jon and I started dating, yes we were in WWE, but I got caught up very, very quickly on who Jon Moxley was before 'Dean Ambrose' became a thing," she says.

"Now watching Jon Moxley re-submerge into the world," Paquette goes on, "I know how difficult it can be to be like, 'Wait! I saw you wrestle this other way, and now you're getting involved in this other chaos! What is happening?!?'"

Since departing WWE, Moxley has engaged in a wide array of matches with jaw-dropping stipulations for both AEW and GCW. Paquette admits "watching at home, bracing myself for whatever chaos is about to ensue," and is fairly certain Green has the same reaction.

"It can be tough watching anyone you love hurt their bodies and put their bodies through the things that he does," she says.

"At the same time, those are the things he wants to be doing," Paquette says of her husband. "That's the art he has chosen to create, and he's exceptional at it, so you kind of take the good with the bad."

Hope that helps, Chelsea!

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