Jimmy Korderas Comments On WWE Escorting Charlotte Out Of The Building

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with veteran WWE referee Jimmy Korderas to discuss the latest news of the week. The biggest news story of the past week is the drama around SmackDown's main event segment where Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had to exchange titles due to them changing brands.

The segment was going as planned until Charlotte pulled her title away and dropped it as Lynch was reaching for it. Charlotte reportedly did not want to look weak in the segment. She reportedly also did not talk to Vince McMahon after the segment, which did not make McMahon happy. Charlotte and Lynch were heated backstage, but there was reportedly nothing physical going on.

Charlotte was later escorted out of the building by WWE security as Lynch had a dark match later that night. The segment was edited on the SmackDown re-run, and Korderas explained whether or not these kinds of exchanges are typical amongst talent.

"I think in today's day and age, it is a rarity. It was a little more, I don't want to say it was frequent back in the day, but stuff like that happened," Korderas noted. "We know about the issues with Shawn [Michaels] and Bret [Hart], and there was one I was witness to after after a match at SmackDown one day between Eddie [Guerrero] and Kurt Angle, who got into it backstage before Big Show broke it up. It got physical. Sometimes things get heated, for whatever reason it is, whether it's ego, whether something happened in the match, whatever the case may be, something was said that wasn't supposed to be said.

"I think it's less frequent now, but at the same time, in this business, ego is a big thing, and this is my impression, this is what took place here. There's a little bit of an ego issue with how this was going to go down. I wasn't a big fan of just swapping the titles in the first place. It was kind of like, yeah, they're just gonna switch the blue and the red titles back and forth. It felt lazy to me, but maybe something was said in the back that kind of set things off. I don't know, but apparently, according to reports, it got intense. If I'm not mistaken, I read somewhere that Charlotte kind of snubbed Vince [McMahon] too."

There are some fans who believe that Charlotte is forcing her way out in order to join her fiancé Andrade El Idolo in AEW. Korderas responded to that theory.

"I don't want to say this is a conspiracy theory or anything like that, but anything's a possibility at this point. We saw Adam Cole leave what was probably going to be a good deal with WWE to go join his his other half there in AEW (Britt Baker). I'm assuming that that had a lot to do with his decision making, and who knows, with Andrade over at the other kids table, maybe that is incentive for Charlotte to want to go over and, and how much does the situation with her dad play into it? Because now he's persona non grata, there's a lot to digest and trying to try to decipher all the little things is going to be hard."

The two also discussed Crown Jewel and focused on the women's matches. Korderas gave his thoughts on the placement of the SmackDown Women's Title match in between the WWE Championship and Universal Title matches.

"The women performed admirably. They had a hell of a match," Korderas stated. "The three-way was awesome. In a card like this where it's so stacked, it's a hard placement for them. That's when, sometimes, you need that one match that's kind of like, okay, this is a filler match. Let the crowd die down a little bit so they can be elevated again for this next match. There almost wasn't that kind of match, unless you want to throw in the other women's match, the Queen of the Ring, but I hate labeling it that way. This whole Queen of the Ring tournament kind of fell a little bit flat for me."

The Queen of the Ring only received about 20 minutes of TV time total. That number stands in contrast to WWE's message of women's empowerment, and Korderas commented on the lack of TV time for the WWE women's roster.

"It's surprising because they have a deep, stacked roster in the women's division, and the women can go. They actually put on great matches, as we saw in the three-way match," Korderas pointed out. "I don't get the limited amount of airtime that the tournament got. It makes no sense to me. This is mind boggling to me because I think they have a great, deep women's roster that they could really shine on television. We complain about filling up TV time. You got three hours on Monday night. You got two hours on Friday night. You got some great women who could fill that time with some great wrestling, put it out there."

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