The Rock Reveals Interesting Trivia About His WWE Elbow Pads


ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Shane Taylor proposed a post-workout question about how many elbow pads The Rock has given away/thrown to the crowd during his WWE career.

"Post workout reflection: Approximately how many elbow pads do you think @TheRock has lost over his illustrious career?" Taylor asked. "Probably 250-300 people's elbows a year + kids/adults asking for the other. Does he have an elbow pad sponsor? Does the company allocate an elbow pad budget?"


The Rock got back to Taylor and revealed WWE produced his elbow pads one he began throwing them out to fans before dropping the people's elbow on his opponent. Along with selling them at the merch stands, he "gave hundreds away weekly."

"Great question, and I too, often intellectualize after my workout," Rock responded. "Once I started throwing the my elbow pads out into the crowd, we just started producing them (WWE). We sold them nightly as merch, and I, of course would toss them in my finish. I also gave hundreds away weekly"

"My man! #Respect & #ThankYou for leading the way and opening doors for the rest of us," Taylor wrote back.

As WWE celebrates The Rock's 25th anniversary this month, he's been in the news for other items, including new comments about a possible run for U.S. President.


The former champion also said he wasn't sure if another title run was in his future, but a match is possible if it "makes sense." Most fans expect a WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns, but for right Rock said there was "no truth to that."