The door appears to be open for Logan and Jake Paul to return to WWE someday. WWE Champion Big E says he would not be surprised to see the notorious brothers back in the company.

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all,” Big E told The Sun. “In many ways, I’m a fan of the Cesaros of the world and these pure wrestlers these guys who dedicated themselves to [professional wrestling] too. But you know, I think we also need to be open to these spectacles.”

The Paul brothers first found fame on social media before branching out into the world of combat sports. Their fights have become “can’t miss” attractions.

“That is our industry,” Big E continued. “That’s that circus element of professional wrestling, of WWE. So, yeah, I think there’s definitely a place for them.”

Logan Paul appeared on SummerSlam, SmackDown, and RAW over the summer. Earlier this year, he made another series of appearances. Those culminated in him receiving a Stunner from Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 37.

Jake Paul has yet to appear in WWE. However, he’s recently been called out by Drew McIntyre for a possible match.

“They bring out a visceral reaction,” Big E said. “And that’s what we do. I think kind of the death knell for any performer is when people are quiet when they’re ambivalent when they don’t care. But if they feel a certain way about you, whether they want to boo you or cheer you, we can use that.”

The performance of another celebrity who appeared in WWE still resonates with Big E. Bad Bunny got rave reviews for his match at last year’s WrestleMania. Big E still remembers how committed Bad Bunny was when it was time for him to prepare to get in the ring.

“I think Bad Bunny did one incredible job,” Big E said. “Like, he – from what I heard – he moved down to Orlando and was training on a regular basis. But when you saw his match at WrestleMania he looked like a guy who had spent years and years training in professional wrestling and being a sports entertainer. So, yeah man, I was really, really impressed with Bad Bunny.”

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