The Young Bucks Take Credit For Starting Recent Pro Wrestling Trend

The Young Bucks recently spoke with Complex about their love for sneakers. Matt and Nick Jackson have brought them into their wrestling gear as of late, which has gained a lot of interest. The AEW tag team spoke about how they were first introduced to them.

"For me, it was the Concord 11s," Nick Jackson revealed. "I pretty much own every single one of them at this point. I think because Bret 'Hitman' Hart wore a similar [silhouette]. Matt Jackson then added, "Being 90s kids, it was all about Michael Jordan. We just wanted to be Jordan. And we were poor kids and couldn't afford any of the shoes. So we'd see all our friends wearing [Jordans] and would be so jealous. So now we're like, 'We can afford these shoes that we used to really want as a kid? Let's buy all of them!'"

Their decision to wear Dior Jordan 1's certainly gained traction, both positively and negatively within the wrestling world. They discussed the reactions and why they started wearing sneakers in the first place.

"We were turning heel. I told Nick," Matt said. "'What is the one thing we can do that can piss off so many people?' I've been obsessed with the [Dior Jordan 1s] since they came out. I said, 'What if we buy those and wrestle in them?' I knew it'd be a big thing, but I didn't know it'd be as big of a deal as it was. We stumbled on something really unique. From that point on, any pair of shoes we wore to the ring, we built a costume around them."

The Young Bucks have certainly got people talking about sneakers on a regular basis. They discussed what it is like to have started the trend within the sport.

"I feel like we actually made it a trend," Nick Jackson said. "If you look on Instagram or Twitter or any social media, you'll see wrestlers in sneakers, and that wasn't a thing 3 or 4 years ago." Matt Jackon then added, "Shane McMahon may have been the first to do it, but I don't think all the wrestlers were copying it. So maybe Shane is the OG but we helped make it trendy."