John Silver Discusses His Chemistry With Recent Top AEW Signee

John Silver has emerged as one of the Dark Order's breakout stars. Silver has skyrocketed his stock from being one of the group's background players to getting singles spotlight against top AEW stars like Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole.

Silver and Cole have stood opposite each other both in the ring and on Being The Elite. The two had a recurring segment where Silver attempted to recruit Cole to the Dark Order but suggested he make some familiar changes to his look. Silver noted he didn't have a prior relationship with Cole, and that the chemistry with the Panama City Playboy just came naturally.

"I wrestled once at an indie show years ago. I met him a few times too, but we weren't like best friends or anything," Silver told Barstool Rasslin'. "It was just one of those things where we had really good chemistry, like when you just talk to someone and it's there.

"He's a really nice guy, so it's easy with him. We had the idea of us trying to recruit him and that kind of exploded a bit. We had the idea of us cutting his hair, and he was like, 'Let's do the name change and the manager stuff.' I didn't even realize those were a thing. We had to do all of them."

While Silver entered AEW as a stoic lackey for his faction, he began to showcase his personality through skits with the late Brodie Lee. Silver revealed his BTE segments with the Exhaulted One caught the attention of AEW President Tony Khan, who encouraged him to bring it to television.

"Me and [Brodie] had such good chemistry," Silver said. "He would get in my face and scream at me, calling me a little b—h, and I had to try not to laugh. Our chemistry was so good that Tony wanted us to do it on TV. He was like, 'You guys have to do this on TV. I'm thinking a Raven, Stevie [Richards] type thing.' We started doing it on TV a little bit. Chemistry like that, you feel it, and you have to do something with it."

Silver praised his late friend, emphasizing that all the good sentiments fans hear about Brodie are true.

"He's one of those guys that no one has anything bad to say about, ever," Silver said. "I don't think anyone's done an interview where they said they didn't get along with him. He got along with everyone. Such a good guy, such a family man. He always wanted to get home to see his family right away. He never went out with everyone. He was so naturally funny and such a good guy. You can't say anything negative about him."

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