Cody Rhodes has officially left AEW, leaving many to wonder what his next move will be and many believing he’ll end up back with WWE. During the latest episode of the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast, The Nature Boy spoke about the recent news revolving around Cody Rhodes leaving AEW.

Flair revealed why he thinks Cody going back to WWE would be a great move for him and how big he believes that could be for Vince McMahon’s company.

“I’m sure they’ll welcome him with open arms,” Flair said, regarding Cody coming back to WWE after leaving in 2016. “There’s no way it couldn’t be a good move for him. He made himself on his own, then he went to work with AEW, made himself even bigger, and then why not bring back Cody Rhodes, son of Dusty Rhodes. It’s huge.”

Many in AEW have commented on the news of one of the original leaders of the company departing, including Sting, who showed love and respect to Rhodes. Joining Sting were AEW Commentators Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross, with Schiavone stating he was shocked by the news while Ross wished Rhodes the best in his future if he does decide to return to WWE.

The 36-year-old Rhodes was already rumored to be on his way to the WWE Performance Center this week to film footage for his WWE return. It’s also been reported that Vince McMahon has big plans for Cody once he does return, which Flair believes is true.

“I don’t have a guess, I just wish him the best of luck and to always hold his head high and remember who he is,” Ric Flair said. “I just think when he left, I’m not sure if you call it good or bad terms, but when he left there were some issues over the trademark issues which there always will be.

“He left and made it on his own and then he and Tony hooked up… I don’t know, without giving you false information, I don’t know why he left. I can find out, I heard back from him, we texted each other and I just said ‘Be who you are, don’t take any sh*t from anybody,’ that’s what I told him.”

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