Thunder Rosa Says She Will Earn “Everyone’s Respect” On AEW Dynamite

This Wednesday, the rivalry between AEW stars Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker hits critical mass when the two face-off for Baker's AEW Women's World Championship in a steel cage match, live on AEW Dynamite in Rosa's hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Rosa, who could become the first Mexican-born Women's World Champion in AEW history, commented on the cage match this past Saturday at Warrior Wrestling 20, following her successful defense of the Warrior Wrestling Women's Championship against Athena and Skye Blue.

"Next Wednesday on AEW, it's going to be one of those matches that you know is going to define your career forever," Rosa said. "We had that Lights Out match and it definitely gave us a really big boost. But I'll tell you something guys; I've been in a cage before in my hometown in San Antonio, Texas. In three rounds, for the first time in my life, I fought for real. My opponent had a lot more experience and was a lot more confident. And definitely, I had all the odds to lose. And yes, I did lose, yes I bled in there. But in those three rounds, I never gave up."

Thunder Rosa was referring to her one MMA fight for Combates Americas in November of 2019, where she lost to Nadine Mandiau by unanimous decision. Despite the loss, Rosa pointed out she never gave up and survived all three rounds, and that her experience means she will be unafraid when she faces Baker this Wednesday.

"She could've easily taken me over, choked me out, and embarrassed me in front of my family, my friends, and my city. That didn't happen," Rosa said. "So this Wednesday, Britt Baker, I want you to know that you should be afraid, not me. You should be afraid because I know how it feels when they close that door. I know how it feels to be so close to God. I know how it feels to be super close to death, and I know how it feels to lose in your own city.

"So Britt, I am not afraid. You should be afraid of me, cause you can't control this anymore. You can't control this warrior anymore! And guys, no matter what happens this Wednesday, I know I have your respect. So now it's time Britt, to earn everyone's respect. Because I have it, I earned it. And I will continue to earn it."

This will be the fourth singles match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

Baker holds a 2-1 advantage, having defeated Rosa on AEW Dynamite on February 2, 2020 and again at AEW Revolution a week and a half ago.

Rosa of course was victorious in the most famous match between the two when she defeated Baker in a Lights Out Match at AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam in March of 2021.