The #1 contender for the AEW World Title seems to have once again commented on the Sasha Banks and Naomi situation.

Using his Twitter account, pro wrestling veteran CM Punk encouraged people to put their opinions to the side so they can unite on a collective front.

“Doesn’t matter if your opinion of your coworker is positive or negative. Stand with them. Because they’ll do the same thing to you and you’ll wish someone helped,” Punk writes. “Trust me. You’re expendable. Together, you’re unstoppable.”

As noted last Monday, a six-pack challenge to determine a challenger for the Raw Women’s Championship was scheduled to see WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Naomi and Banks, compete against 4 other stars. That match got abruptly changed early on in the show when Adam Pearce switched it to a singles match between Becky Lynch and Asuka to determine the #1 contender.

It was then revealed that Banks and Naomi refused to work the original six-woman match, relinquished their Women’s Tag Team Titles, and left the building long before their main event match. WWE would refer to the women on commentary over the week with phrasing like, “[they] let us all down”, and “[they] unprofessionally left the arena”. Michale Cole then delivered an update on the situation this past Friday on “SmackDown”, revealing that a tournament will be held to determine new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Beyond the references on television, WWE also removed all merchandise for the tag team off of Additionally, the company went through with taking down Naomi and Banks’ official WWE Facebook pages and pulling them from the “Then. Now. Forever.” graphic at the beginning of each show.

CM Punk is someone who can relate to this situation better than most people, as his contract negotiations and unhappiness with WWE became one of the most memorable storylines of the 21st century. It wasn’t until Vince McMahon put him in the top spot of WWE and gave him more creative input that Punk was willing to renegotiate his contract.

Moments that spawned from his contract storyline include the CM Punk ‘Pipebomb’ promo and his 434-day reign as the WWE Champion. Punk faced some of his greatest WWE rivals during this time, including John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho.

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