Firefly Fun House Artist Helped Alexa Bliss Design Part Of Her WWE Character

Alexa Bliss may not have a supernatural gimmick any longer, but she has kept one dark element from her past with her in WWE. On her way to the ring, Bliss carries a disfigured doll, Lilly, that filled her mentally unstable void after Bray Wyatt was released by WWE.

While on Instagram Live with Sebastian Hackl of WWE Deutschland, former five-time Women's Champion Bliss revealed who she received help from in designing the doll.

"I texted Jason (Baker) who does, you know, all the work on the masks you see on WWE, all of the, you know, the crown that I wore with the Black goo coming out of it. Him and his wife did that and they are incredible talent," Bliss said. "They did a lot of the puppets for the FireFly Fun House, Alexa's Playground, they came out with Lilly, and it was really cool."

The puppets for the "FireFly Fun House" were created for former three-time World Champion Bray Wyatt. Wyatt presented a series of vignettes, videos, and segments, where he would basically be a character similar to the host of a kid's show, only with a darker edge. Wyatt had two parts to his character, the "FireFly Fun House" version of himself and his alter ego known as The Fiend.

The Fiend was around on the main roster as a character from right before SummerSlam 2019 until WrestleMania 37, losing in his last appearance to Randy Orton.

Alexa Bliss recently returned to "WWE Monday Night Raw" in early May and was on a four-match winning streak on TV until this past Monday when Rhea Ripley defeated her, Liv Morgan, and Doudrop to become the number one contender for the Raw Women's Championship, currently held by Bianca Belair.

Prior to her return in May, Bliss had only wrestled one match for the company since losing to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules last September. That lone match took place when she competed inside Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. Leading up to the chamber match, Bliss had weekly vignettes shown where she was seeing a therapist to try and work through her struggles.

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