During his time in WWE Bray Wyatt was viewed as someone that did more harm than good by certain people backstage, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of “Wrestling Observer Radio.”

Wyatt was released back in July of 2021 after over 10 years with the company, but that decision was reportedly not made due to his on-screen presentation. According to Meltzer, there was another reason he was let go but he does not say what that is and open a can of worms. That aside, backstage in WWE there was apparently an argument made that Wyatt damaged a lot of the talent he worked with by beating them so decisively. One example given was Seth Rollins and how his feud with Wyatt did not click in their eyes.

With that said, the company also viewed him highly in other regards. Wyatt sold a lot of merchandise, which is something that WWE is always looking for, and was signed to a contract that reportedly saw him making $3 million per year. Before he was let go by the company, Wyatt was reportedly the third-highest earner in WWE behind Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

The former two-time Universal Champion was someone that clearly proved to be polarizing behind the scenes in terms of how he was perceived as a top act. This falls in line with Matt Hardy’s recent comments about how the WWE Chairman treated the ‘Eater Of Worlds,’ as Hardy claimed Wyatt “always had a very strange relationship with Vince.”

Hardy stated that “Vince looked at him like a son,” when talking about his former tag team partner, yet at the same time when Wyatt didn’t do something McMahon liked “he became hated,” which could be seen with the hot and cold booking he had throughout his career with WWE.

Since being released Wyatt has yet to make a return to the wrestling world, but he recently took to social media in order to tease the fact that he could be making a comeback in the near future. Following his departure, WWE has yet to fill the void when it comes to supernatural gimmicks, but that could change in the near future. WWE is reportedly going to be pushing the Judgment Day faction to be more supernatural, which is why Edge was taken out of the group since he was reportedly against that change in direction.

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