Are WWE Officials Publicly Burying Stephanie McMahon?

If the sagas of AEW/MJF and Sasha Banks & Naomi/WWE weren't enough for you, the ongoing story of Stephanie McMahon's leave of absence from WWE has come along to fill the void. And if a report that McMahon's father, WWE owner, and chairman Vince McMahon, potentially being behind her leave of absence wasn't enough, more information has come out to add further intrigue to the situation.


Earlier this morning on a thread regarding the situation the F4WOnline message board, Dave Meltzer commented on McMahon's leave of absence and Business Insider's new report. At first, he merely focused on when/if McMahon could eventually return to WWE, as she stated she would in her statement announcing her leave of absence.

"Most feel she is coming back in a new role but no time soon," Meltzer stated

From there, however, Meltzer's posts would drop some more interesting tidbits regarding how some backstage at WWE felt regarding McMahon's departure.

"Her leaving was 100% her choice," Meltzer said. "She had been talking about it to close friends from when Paul (Triple H) had his heart issues. That said, key people in the company once she was gone did want to bury her on the way out. That shocked a lot of people including me and those close to her. When I noted to someone very high in the food chain about the burial starting, they told me that if they did that publicly it would be career suicide, only to find out they had already started and the burial was going to come from the top."


It was there Meltzer made a comparison to other past departures in the WWE corporate ladder in regards to WWE's reaction to this story, both publicly and behind the scenes.

"There is a much bigger story here," Meltzer said. "The company outright wanted to bury her here. Something happened after she left clearly. The company did a total 180 on her about two weeks after she left. They never even did that for Barrios & Wilson."