Booker T Addresses How Cody Rhodes Will Handle Injury On WWE TV

Cody Rhodes is set to face some time out of the ring due to suffering a torn pectoral muscle this past weekend, but Booker T believes "we're still going to see Cody."

The American Nightmare suffered the injury initially in a brawl against Seth Rollins, but he then tore the muscle off the bone during weight training afterward. Despite that, he still battled through and competed at WWE's Hell In A Cell, defeating Seth Rollins inside the steel structure. The former AEW star is set to undergo surgery tomorrow, but there is no exact timeframe as to how long he is expected to be out of action.

During his latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker claimed that this isn't a situation that "is going to make the heart grow fonder" in the eyes of the fans. But a reason for that is because the former WCW wrestler is expecting Rhodes to continue appearing on the show

"I see Cody Rhodes being one of those guys to where, 'I might need to be on the shelf, but that don't mean I'm not going to make the show, I'm not going to make the town,'" he said.

Booker thinks that Rhodes "has that mentality of the old school wrestler," where he might be injured but he "can do something." Rhodes showcased elements of that at WWE's Hell In A Cell, simply by the fact he competed in obvious pain, with half his chest being purple from the bruising and swelling, and his performance gained him a lot of praise from within the business.

"But I still think we are going to see Cody on a regular basis," he stated. "Because I just don't think we need Cody to go away for a six to nine-month period at this point in time, where he is just red hot, I just don't think we need that."

Rhodes opened up "WWE Raw" earlier this week where he alluded to the fact he still wants to win the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank briefcase, but he was then attacked by Seth Rollins. Rhodes was able to walk to the back on his own, despite a stretcher being offered to him, and it is not yet clear whether he will still be appearing on television in some capacity while he is injured.

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