Cody Rhodes Gives Update On His Future, Gets Attacked By Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes was emotional kicking off 'Monday Night Raw'.

'The American Nightmare' started off the 6/6 episode of the red brand by providing fans with an update on his future following tearing his pectoral muscle in preparation for his Hell In A Cell match against Seth Rollins at this past weekend's "Hell In A Cell" premium live event.


Rhodes held back tears when mentioning his daughter, Liberty, who he hopes watches his match at Hell In A Cell in the future and gets inspired by her father's heart and dedication.

"When she's old enough, I want my daughter to watch what happened last night, and even though I was in literal hell, I stood and I fought," Rhodes said.

When turning his attention towards the future, Rhodes first offered his respect for Rollins, who he calls one of the best of all time. While he enjoyed sharing the ring with the former WWE Champion, he's putting 'The Visionary' in the rear-view mirror.

"I fought against one of the very best superstar wrestlers in the history of our game, Seth 'Freakin' Rollins. The chapter, the trilogy, it's been written, it's in the archives. I'm officially done with Seth Rollins."


He also gave a tease that if some miracle were to occur, he would want to return to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase and go on to become the Undipsuted WWE Universal Champion.

The aforementioned Rollins would then make his way down to the ring and offered up a shared bit of admiration for Rhodes, even going as far as saying Rhodes' father, WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes would be proud of his baby boy for his effort during last night's brutal affair.

"I still don't like you but what you put yourself through last night, you earned my respect. You are, without a doubt, the toughest person I've ever been in this ring with. Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now," Rollins proclaimed.

Rollins would then exit the ring while Rhodes' music rang throughout the arena and Rhodes would make his way back towards the entrance ramp while greeting fans, that is until Rollins had a quick change of heart and unleashed a brutal beatdown of his long-time adversary. Rollins would go as far as to hit his patented curb stomp onto Rhodes' injured shoulder and chest area before unloading a shot with a sledgehammer onto the heavily bruised pectoral of 'The American Nightmare'.

Rollins in true heel fashion would laugh maniacally before finally exiting the stage and allowing WWE medical personnel to attend to Rhodes, who would refuse to be stretchered out of the arena and left the ringside area on his own power.


Rumors began swirling about Rhodes' condition when he was pulled from a live event in Champaign, Illinois on 6/4 due to an undisclosed injury. The full extent of the injury wouldn't be known until just hours before Rhodes and Rollins were set to square off at Hell In A Cell, WWE confirmed Rhodes completely tore his pectoral muscle off the bone, earlier in the week. Following Hell In A Cell's conclusion, Rhodes would address the fans in attendance at the Allstate Arena and mentioned that the decision to wrestle was 100% his choice.

It was reported earlier today that Rhodes would be requiring surgery and would be operated on this coming Thursday, 6/9.

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