After Edge was kicked out of his own The Judgment Day faction on “WWE Raw” this week fans were left to wonder what could be next for the WWE Hall Of Famer.

During his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T claimed that the segment “tells you more than anything that Edge is taking a vacation.” Of course, since he returned to WWE following his retirement. the Rated-R Superstar has had several breaks between feuds, but this time Booker thinks “that vacation might be permanent.”

Edge was attacked by Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Finn Balor after he introduced the latter as the newest member of The Judgment Day, in a move that backfired on him. According to reports, the 11-time World Champion is now being internally listed as a babyface, which gives an indication as to how he could end up being positioned when he does return to television.

Booker has an interesting pitch for how that should be done, as he believes it would “be better” for Edge to “stay off for six months” and “then The Brood showed up.” Edge’s former WWE WrestleMania 18 opponent wants to see him “with Christian and Gangrel” in order to feud against The Judgment Day.

Right now that would be seemingly impossible due to the fact Christian is under contract with AEW, but Booker believes it “might not be too hard” to get him out of that deal with “the way things are going.” Edge’s former tag team partner is currently working in a managerial role for Jurassic Express, while he is also competing in matches sporadically. But for those hoping Christian could end up returning back to WWE, he has previously stated that AEW will be his home for the rest of his career.

Booker also believes “you’ve got to get Gangrel back,” but he also recently made an appearance on AEW television, although that was likely just a one-shot deal. Gangrel fanged and banged alongside The Young Bucks as they were mocking The Hardys by dressing as them during the build to their AEW Double Or Nothing match. Gangrel previously worked with Matt and Jeff in WWE as The New Brood.

Edge did tap into elements of his past with The Brood during his storyline against Seth Rollins last year, bringing back the music, firey entrance and the popular blood bath segment.

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