Booker T Criticizes Top AEW Star’s Lack Of Size

Booker T has been critical of AEW in other areas so it should come as no surprise that he is critical of one of their stars.

AEW star Adam Cole has reportedly been dealing with multiple injuries for quite some time now, dating back to his AEW Title program with 'Hangman' Adam Page back in February. Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke on the "Reality of Wrestling Podcast" about Cole's injuries and criticized his build.


"If Adam Cole has to have surgery and he's down for six, nine months and he, you know, lose any more muscle, it's going to be hard on this brother," Booker T stated. " You know what I'm saying? Right now, he's about a buck 60.

"... We gotta get more weight on Adam Cole, you know what I mean? That's his problem, he's light, bottom light. We gotta get some muscle on this kid. That's probably one of the reasons why he's going out there, getting hurt because it can't be the schedule at AEW."

Booker T is billed at six foot three and about 250 pounds whereas Adam Cole is billed at five foot 11 and about 200 pounds. Despite his lack of size, since arriving at AEW, Cole has made quite the name for himself. In March of 2022, less than a year after his debut with the company, Cole faced off against 'Hangman' Adam Page in the main event of "Revolution", AEW's first Pay-Per-View in the calendar year.


Cole went on at the subsequent AEW Pay-Per-View, "Double or Nothing", to win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament on the men's side by defeating Samoa Joe. Cole received a championship and is name engraved on the Owen Cup, as did his girlfriend, Britt Baker, who won on the women's side. The tournament was created to honor the legacy of Owen Hart, who passed in 1999.

Prior to his AEW run, Cole, along with the rest of his faction known as The Undisputed Era, went head to head with AEW in the 'Wednesday Night Wars' as a part of "NXT." NXT and "AEW: Dynamite" would both premiere on Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. E.T., with "NXT" on USA Network and "Dynamite" on TNT. Cole was NXT Champion for a record-setting 396 days.

Before joining the black and gold brand, Cole found success in Ring of Honor, winning their World Championship on three different occasions. Cole's last, and shortest, reign as ROH World Champion came while the Panama City Playboy was part of the Bullet Club.

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