Booker T offered some sage advice for Tony Khan on the latest episode of the “Hall of Fame Podcast”.

Booker’s co-host Brad Gilmore brought up the spate of injuries in AEW recently, and Booker said that planning is important as injuries in wrestling are “inevitable.”

“It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of ‘when’ it’s going to happen. That’s always been the term in wrestling, “Booker said, “Just part of what we do, part of the fabric.”

Booker T cited how AEW’s limited schedule and pay scale should be helping. “You only doing TV two days a week, and from what I’ve been hearing, a lot of these guys have been getting lucrative contracts,” Booker continued, saying that he thinks Khan should be putting his foot down more when it comes to AEW stars working elsewhere.

“It should be a huge red flag for Tony Khan,” Booker said, “and the way he thinks about letting these guys just freelance.”

While the recent rash of injuries in AEW appears to have occurred in the promotion and not outside of it, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion makes an interesting point about the possibility of wear and tear.

“If I had a program, and somebody went out and got hurt out on these independent shows and they were under contract to me, that would be a huge problem,” Booker said. It should be noted that Booker T runs the Reality of Wrestling promotion out of Houston, TX.

AEW World Champion CM Punk is currently recovering from surgery to repair a broken foot, Men’s Owen Hart Tournament winner Adam Cole is recovering from a myriad of injuries, Bryan Danielson recently missed a meet & greet due to an undisclosed injury, and AEW TNT Champion Scorpio Sky is dealing with a leg injury.

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