Matt Hardy Discusses TripleMania Match With 'Johnny Hardy'

Matt Hardy recently got the chance to headline AAA's TripleMania XXX: Tijuana event alongside Johnny Hardy (aka John Morrison), which he stated was "a lot of fun."

Hardy was originally supposed to team up with his brother to take on Dragon Lee and Dralistico in the main event, but due to Jeff Hardy's arrest for his third DUI in 10 years, those plans were changed. Despite the difficult personal circumstances, he explained on his "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy Podcast" that he "enjoyed it in the big scheme of things."

"It was a long day, but it was a very productive and good day," he said. "... I haven't been to Mexico now since 2018, that was the last time I went with WWE, so just going to Mexico, having a four-hour meet and greet where I interacted with so many enthusiastic, so many amazing Mexican fans [was awesome]."

Hardy admitted he was "very proud of the match," with his partner adopting Jeff's persona, taking on the second name while also dancing his way to the ring. That was something that had been criticized by Booker T, but that decision did get a positive response from fans who watched the event, even though Johnny ended up costing Matt the match, betraying him after they had accidentally collided earlier on.

"Those guys [Lee Brothers] are extremely talented, and once again, it makes me very envious that I'm not in my 20s again. These guys can do everything," he said. "It was a lot of fun. We went on last and I thought that was pretty cool to go to a TripleMania and main event on your first shot, that was very cool."

There had been some reports claiming that Matt had been injured at the event, which would have added him to AEW's growing list of stars on the shelf. However, he took to social media to dispute those claims, making it clear that he feels fine and is in fact "good to go."

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