Editor’s note: this story has been updated to include a statement from Bill DeMott clarifying his remark.

Jeff Hardy may now be suspended from AEW without pay following his DUI arrest early Monday morning, but that doesn’t mean the story is going away. In some ways, the story has expanded, with some fans questioning whether Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy, is sober or not as well.

On Tuesday afternoon, Matt responded to a quote retweet from former WCW/WWE wrestler Bill DeMott regarding a fan questioning Matt’s own sobriety.

“Understand your passion on this & agree that DD is unacceptable,” Hardy tweeted. “I expect speculation from fans, but not you. I haven’t touched a drug in over a decade, haven’t drank since I’ve been a Dad. Saw Jeff last on Sunday night & flew (home) early Monday w/Reby. I can’t be with Jeff every minute.”

DeMott reached out to Wrestling Inc. via email to clarify the context of his response to the fan’s tweet. “I did not read it correctly when that person claimed Matt was also drunk and with him. My response was geared to Jeff being able to drive to and from venues, events, or appearances. Clearly I did not read it right…that’s why I told Matt this was not me passing judgement on him.”

Many will note that DeMott’s daughter was tragically killed in a drunk driving accident years ago. He has been vocal on the matter since then, most recently going back and forth with Tammy Sytch regarding her role in the death of a 75-year-old man after she crashed her car into the victim’s vehicle. Sytch has since been charged with DUI Manslaughter.

Matt Hardy did have his own problems with drugs and alcohol, being arrested several times in 2011, including an arrest for DUI in August of 2011 and again a few days later for felony drug charges after he was found in possession of anabolic steroids. He would return to jail in November after he was found to be drinking again. While Hardy and his wife were arrested in 2014 for an alleged domestic incident, he has not been arrested for drug or alcohol use since.

While Matt Hardy was with Jeff Hardy hours before his arrest, a report from Fightful yesterday stated Hardy dropped off his brother at his hotel room after the two attended a wrestling convention following a performance by Jeff at a small concert. Matt and Reby then flew home back to North Carolina.

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