Following the announcement that her WWE career is coming to an end, Paige has clarified exactly what her email addresses are for promoters wishing to book her.

Paige tweeted: “So it’s I’ve been told there are people making fake emails pretending to be me to try and scam promoters etc. The only 2 emails that are MINE are: [email protected] [email protected] That being said. Now I’ve had a few days to chill, let’s gooo!”

The former Divas Champion revealed this past Friday that her WWE career would be officially ending on July 7, as the company has made the decision not to re-sign her when her current contract comes to an end. While she admitted that she is not leaving because she wants to, Paige has stated that she “knew it was coming eventually.”

During a Twitch stream after the news was confirmed, Paige made it clear she is “appreciative of WWE” for keeping her around for so many years after her neck injury, and even confirmed that WWE got her a therapist to help her battle alcohol issues. But she is now available for other bookings, whether that be signing a full-time contract with another company or just making independent appearances and signings.

Paige has not competed inside the ring since her career-ending injury took place during a live event on December 27, 2017, in a six-woman tag team match. She has been open about the fact she is hoping to get cleared in order to compete again, telling fans to “imagine a return.”

Of course, any potential return to in-ring action would depend on her being cleared by medical professionals, and at this point that has not taken place. During recent years with WWE Paige was mainly used in roles that highlighted her promo skills, from being the “WWE SmackDown” General Manager to her time as the manager of The Kabuki Warriors or appearing on panel shows for the company.

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