Pat McAfee Reveals Initial Reaction To Cody Rhodes’ Injury

WWE "SmackDown" commentator Pat McAfee claimed Cody Rhodes' effort at WWE "Hell In A Cell" was "one of the gutsiest performances" that he has ever seen.

During the latest installment of "The Pat McAfee Show," he became the latest man to praise the American Nightmare, who headlined the premium live event with a torn pectoral muscle. McAfee pointed out that "a lot of people thought that was makeup," but he made sure to clarify that's "what your body actually does when you tear your sh*t."

McAfee wasn't sure if they "shot that thing up with everything you could," alluding to him having some pain relief, but even if that happened, the broadcaster believes that would "hurt so bad."

"Early it looked like he was in a sh*t ton of pain. Yes, he clicked into some sort of, 'I don't give a f*ck,' I think," McAfee said. "... They didn't mail it in either, this sh*t was like a full match. He ended up winning."

The news broke about the injury earlier in the weekend, which he is believed to have sustained during weight training, and McAfee saw those and admitted he "thought it was all a work" or that it was going to "set up something." It quickly became clear to the wrestling world that wasn't the case when the huge swelling was shown on Rhodes.

"As soon as he took his jacket off ... I was like, 'Oh wow, that must have hurt so bad right there.' Oh yeah, had to, I mean with that thing, had to. Hey, shout out, congrats, Cody, that will be a toughness conversation fodder forever, right there, that evening. Good for him," McAfee stated.

Rhodes is slated for surgery this Wednesday according to Corey Graves during WWE "Raw" this week, where Rhodes ended up being attacked by Seth Rollins with a sledgehammer.

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