The Latest On Sasha Banks’ Status With WWE

It was reported yesterday by Raj Giri that Sasha Banks had been released by WWE. Now, further details about Banks' WWE status are coming out.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports that he spoke with Giri earlier in the afternoon before the report was made and reached out to WWE. The representative he spoke to heard nothing about Banks' release either way but did note that they saw Giri's tweet. Regarding Banks' status, nothing has been confirmed, but nothing has been refuted either. Contacts close to the public relations team in WWE had heard nothing of Banks' reported departure as of 8 PM ET last night.

As of this writing, no memos or emails have apparently been sent out by the company internally regarding anything related to the reported release of Banks. There was reportedly an email sent urgently requesting her removal from an advertised live event, but nothing surrounding the current situation.

Along with her co-Tag Team Champion Naomi, Banks walked out on WWE  on May 16 before an episode of "WWE Raw." Since then, Banks and Naomi were publicly outed on-air for staging the walkout and they were suspended indefinitely without pay. Corey Graves stated on the air that the walkout "disappointed the WWE Universe in the process" and that their actions caused them to relinquish their Tag Titles. All their merchandise has been removed from the WWE Shop and their likenesses have been scrubbed from any video advertisements or introductions.

It's been reported that Banks' contract was set to expire with WWE in two months' time, and Naomi was reportedly in talks of renegotiating a contract at the time of the walkout.

Earlier this week, photos and videos were posted of Banks following a PRK eye surgery she underwent. That, along with her being seen at a Steve Aoki concert have been the only moments we've seen of Banks since she and Naomi staged the walkout.