Top Impact Star Wants To Wrestle Paige

This past weekend, Jordynne Grace became the 15th woman to have enjoyed multiple reigns as the Impact Knockout's Champion, when she won the title for the second time in the first-ever Queen of the Mountain match at Impact's Slammiversary event. And with that victory comes on the question all champions must face: Which wrestlers from other promotions would you like to tear it up with?

In an interview with Scott Fishman of SEScoops, Grace was asked who she would like to face outside of Impact, starting with anyone from the AEW roster.

"I get tagged in all of Jade Cargill's posts about when we're going to wrestle," Grace said. "She actually lives here in Atlanta. We've trained together a few times, so I think that would be awesome to wrestle her. We're two very strong women. Britt Baker would be great to wrestle. I've wrestled Thunder Rosa before, but of course, it be awesome to wrestle her on a bigger stage."

Next, the topic turned to who Grace would face regarding anyone from the WWE roster.

"I follow Rhea Ripley on Twitter, so I think we would have an absolute banger of a match," Grace said. "Honestly, there's not a lot of women where you can say their name and I would say 'Oh I don't want to wrestle them.' Because I just want to wrestle everybody."

Grace was also asked about possibly crossing paths with Paige, the retired WWE star who will soon be hitting the free-agent market when her contract expires early in July and looks to already be filling up her schedule.

"I think she would be incredible," Grace said. "She's so well known. She's one of the women that started the women's revolution. So I think it would be vital for any company to have her and utilize her, even if it's not in a wrestling role. Something that stood out to me is I think she said she feels 100%, but she's not cleared. So I don't know if she hasn't talked to a doctor or what's the deal with that, but obviously, I would absolutely love to wrestle her. But if she can't wrestle, I think she can do any number of things in wrestling."

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