WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Why Vince McMahon Wanted To Hide His Face

The Godfather has had many different personas during his tenure with WWE, from being a pimp all the way to being a voodoo practitioner.

The character that practiced voodoo and wore face paint to resemble Lwa from the movie 'Live and Let Die, was the one Godfather debuted in 1992, known as Papa Shango. WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather revealed on "The A2theKWrestling Show" how the Papa Shango character came about.

"[Vince] says, 'You have a body of a monster, but you have a baby face', and he goes, 'We've got to do something with that face'," Godfather said. "... That was Vince, hiding my baby face."

Godfather played the role of Papa Shango in WWE from early 1992 until late 1993, not even spending two years as the character that is still remembered today for being terrifying. Godfather was brought back to WWE in 1995 under the name Kama, and in 1997, he joined a now-iconic faction known as The Nation of Domination. The Nation of Domination was comprised of Kama, Mark Henry, D Lo Brown, Ahmed Johnson, Faarooq, and The Rock.

The group was originally led by Faarooq when it started, however, The Rock took over leadership in 1998. Changes to the group were made, which included more fun characters such as Kama turning into The Godfather. Ultimately, the group disbanded in late 1998, partially due to The Rock's booming popularity.

The Godfather then went on to have a solo run during the Attitude Era, where he would constantly push boundaries on TV. Godfather would make marijuana references, both verbally and through his clothing, and he would call women 'hoes'. Godfather would bring his 'hoes' to the ring with him, as they would accompany him whether he was having a match or just making an appearance.

Godfather's final character in WWE saw a massive shift, the complete opposite of what he was doing before, as now he became The Goodfather in 2001. The Goodfather was a character that, alongside his Right to Censor stablemates, sought to rid WWE TV of anything to do with sexual content, violence, language, etc.

Over his career in WWE, The Godfather won one Intercontinental Championship and had one brief Tag Team Championship run alongside Bull Buchanon while part of Right to Censor. Godfather entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

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