Jeff Jarrett Bashes Andrade's Ties To The Flairs Ahead Of Last Match

Jeff Jarrett apparently believes Andrade El Idolo is nothing but a curtain-jerking, coattail-riding son of a gun, and he said as much on his podcast. Tensions were high on "My World" as Jarrett and co-host Conrad Thompon find themselves on opposite sides, as it will be Double J teaming with Jay Lethal to face Ric Flair in his final match. Flair recruited El Idolo, his son-in-law, to be his partner in his final bout, but Jarrett is not impressed.

"Look at my history and Lucha libre. Andrade is a dime a dozen, my friend," Jarrett said. "There's 15, 20 I've faced over the years: Latin Lover, Psycho Clown, Rey Mysterio, Dr. Wagner, literally. One after another, after another, after another. Go look up on YouTube, my AAA success. Andrade, I mean, if he ain't a curtain-jerker, I don't know who is. Literally. If he wasn't married to he's married to —" At this point Thompson interrupted, mentioning that Jarrett himself is the son of a wrestling promoter.

"How many opportunities is Andrade gonna get on a national stage?" Jarrett asked.

"How many opportunities are you gonna get?" Thompson countered. "I mean my God, you're everywhere."

"As many as I make. As many as I make, pal," Jarrett responded. "Tell Andrade to start making opportunities and succeed, it doesn't happen. He latched on to the Nature Boy's daughter to everything he's got."

Thompson reminded Jarrett that while the event is billed as "Ric Flair's Last Match," it might also be Jarrett's. "I hope it is," Jarrett replied. I got a day job."

Jarrett does stay busy. He recently became the new SVP of Live Events for WWE and night right before his fight with Flair, he'll be special guest referee for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles match between the Street Profits and The Usos.

Flair, for his part, caught wind of Jarrett's words about El Idolo and teased the idea that his daughter Charlotte Flair may want to get physical with Jarrett following those comments about her husband.

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