It’s been almost two months since Sasha Banks and Naomi chose to walk out while WWE “Raw” was on the air, relinquishing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles and leaving the company to improvise a new main event for the night. In the days that followed, WWE would describe the act as “unprofessional” and confirm that the two top female stars were suspended from the company for the foreseeable future.

Since then, numerous signs have pointed to Banks and Naomi departing WWE rather than being suspended. For example, WWE removed all references to Banks & Naomi from their TV intro graphic, deleted their WWE Superstar Facebook pages, pulled all merchandise from WWE Shop, and even edited Sasha Banks out of a recap of Paige’s 2017 WWE return.

Removing the women from more content seems to be the plan going forward. Earlier this weekend, fans may have noticed that there was a slight change applied to the Peacock Network profile icons. For subscribers to the streaming service, you can pick a specific character from a variety of television shows to be displayed as your profile icon. Three of the choices for said icons were WWE stars: Sasha Banks, Asuka, and Roman Reigns, however, after what has transpired with Banks, WWE has removed her icon choice from the platform.

A recent report from “PWInsder” claims that Banks may be engaging in “some signings outside of WWE” as early as this fall. An additional report from “Fightful Select” noted that WWE Creative is operating under the assumption that Banks is done with the company, with “several high-level talents” indicating to reporters that Banks was released last month, confirming the original report from Raj Giri.

The two women have been adjusting their own social media accounts to distance themselves from WWE, as well. This past Thursday, Banks and Naomi replaced previous WWE references with the title “Professional Wrestler” on their respective Instagram profile pages.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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