Kurt Angle Confirms Racially Motivated Rib Vince McMahon Pulled On Him

The world will never know just where the storyline between Kurt Angle and his "son,' Jason Jordan, was going in 2018 — Jordan was forced to retire due to a neck injury — but now, thanks to the former Olympic gold medalist himself, we know why the whole angle came about: as a racially motivated rib.

Angle revealed as much in his latest episode of "The Kurt Angle Show."

"Vince McMahon caught wind that I dated a couple of African-American women in my past," Angle said. "About 17 years ago, he had me do a program with Booker T and Sharmell, where I was stalking Sharmell, Booker T's wife. And now it's Jason Jordan. Vince likes to take ribs and turn them into storylines. He just has this crazy weird personality. And he just wanted to kind of rub it in my face, like, 'Hey, I know what was going on in your life, and we're going to make it into a storyline.' He wasn't going to let this thing die. It was going to keep going."

While the angle may have begun life as a rib, Angle revealed he and Jordan made the most of it and even got very close as it went on.

"To be honest with you, we treated each other like father and son," Angle said. "It's crazy. He was calling me 'dad,' I was calling him 'son.' We were half-joking, but we were half-serious, too. It was like I was his dad in the WWE, for real ... He never disrespected me. He was always a good kid. And here I am talking to you like he was my son. It was just crazy because that's how we treated it."

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