Does Paige Think Sasha Banks And Naomi Will Return To WWE?

You can add Saraya (FKA WWE Superstar Paige) to the growing list of wrestlers who believe Triple H taking over the role of WWE Head of Talent Relations signals the imminent return of Sasha Banks and Naomi.

While speaking to reporters at Sunday's StarrCast V Media Scrum, Saraya was asked to elaborate on the role of Banks in wrestling's women's revolution, which prompted her to touch upon Banks and Naomi's walkout from WWE.

"Obviously she's a big part of it," Paige responded. "I mean, everyone loves Sasha Banks, right? So the four horsewomen in general is such a big and critical part of the women's revolution. So, I think she'll be back [to WWE]. I think now with Hunter [Triple H] in charge, and kind of like taking the reigns and everything.

"Just SummerSlam, in general, showed how much WWE has changed overnight. I mean, I don't think anyone's really been 100% happy with the pay-per-view in a long time and people are walking away from SummerSlam feeling like 'holy s**t, this is a turning point."

Paige added, "So, I feel like eventually, you know Sasha and Naomi in my opinion will come back."

Earlier in the scrum, Paige also teased a possible future match against The Boss, referencing the career-ending neck injury she suffered in 2018 in a match involving Banks.

"If I was to return, I'd love to face Sasha just because we have a built-in storyline, and she's just a fantastic wrestler," Paige said. "I'd love to face Britt Baker, I think she's incredible. But yeah, I have to be careful. I still have that mind block right now, but eventually, for the right time and the right person, I'll definitely have a match again – for sure."

As noted, a report last week suggested that WWE is trying to reconcile with Banks and Naomi over a possible comeback to the company. Both women were reportedly on expiring contracts prior to their walkout on May 16. While Naomi was negotiating a new deal shortly before her exit, Banks' contract will expire sometime later this year, per former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide.

H/T to SEScoops for sharing a video of Paige's StarrCast V Media Scrum.