Rhea Ripley Responds To AEW Star's Quip About Raw Segment

AEW star Buddy Matthews had some history tied up in a certain segment that aired on last night's "WWE Raw," and Rhea Ripley had some fun with it on Twitter.

"Raw" was a major show for several reasons, including a new regime taking over after Vince McMahon's retirement, but it was also the 20tha nniversary celebration of Rey Mysterio's WWE debut. The spotlight was heavily shined on Mysterio as he was given plenty of time to cut a "thank you" promo in the ring before going on to compete in a tag team match against the Judgment Day. Mysterio and his son, Dominik, came out on top with a clean victory, then went backstage to celebrate with family and friends. These wrestling talent such as Los Maximos, but also included was Rey's wife, Angie, and his daughter, Aalyah.

As the celebration continued, a returning Ripley, who is a member of the Judgment Day, stepped into the picture and stared down Mysterio. With tensions running high, Aalyah stepped in and dared Ripley to try something. Of course, this was all part of the plan, as the Mysterios were ambushed by the Judgement Day and Rey was powerbombed through a table.

Back in 2020, Matthews (then known as Buddy Murphy) was a corrupted disciple of Seth Rollins, and the two were thick in a feud with the Mysterios at the time. Part of the storyline briefly included Aalyah, who started forming an on-air relationship with Matthews, but this angle was eventually dropped. Matthews is currently in an actual relationship with Ripley, and considering the Mysterios' ties to the late Eddie Guerrero, he decided to make his own "match" out of the two women's confrontation on social media. This prompted Ripley to respond with an appropriate GIF.

For fans of a certain age, Matthews is referencing the memorable ladder match Mysterio and Guerrero had for "custody" of Dominik back at SummerSlam 2005. This appearance is the first we've seen of Ripley in some time, as she's been out of action since early June due to injuries.