The Briscoes Respond To FTR’s Rematch Challenge

Last night on "AEW Dynamite", FTR shocked wrestling fans by issuing a challenge to Ring of Honor Hall of Famers The Briscoes for an ROH World Tag Team Championship rematch at ROH Death Before Dishonor later this month. It took less than 24 hours for The Briscoes to respond to the champs, which they did on Twitter the only way Jay and Mark Briscoe know how.


"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!" Jay Briscoe tweeted. "Now shine our belts up, bitches."

Jay's tweet also included a video featuring him and Mark talking about FTR's challenge, as well as other things going on in the brothers' lives, all while Mark poured some Nesquick chocolate syrup into his drink. Much like in the tweet, the Briscoes ended the promo by accepting the challenge and telling FTR that "Dem Boys were back in the house."

It has been a little over three months since FTR and the Briscoes collided at ROH Supercard of Honor on April 1, in a match that many fans, pundits, and FTR themselves considered one of the best of the year (something the Briscoes alluded to in the video above). FTR ultimately emerged victorious to win the ROH Championships for the first time, ending the Briscoes' 12th reign as champions. Both teams were attacked afterward by the Young Bucks, setting up a match between the Bucks and FTR for the ROH and AAA Tag Titles on "AEW Dynamite", which was won by FTR.


As of this writing, an FTR-Briscoes match has not yet been officially announced for ROH Death Before Dishonor, though the Briscoes accepting the challenge seems to all but confirm it. It's also unknown whether this means the Briscoes will be joining ROH following Death Before Dishonor or if this is a one-off; it had been reported months ago that AEW and ROH owner Tony Khan was unable to sign the Briscoes due to concerns from Warner Brothers Discovery over past comments made by Jay Briscoe years ago.