Wrestling World Reacts To Ricky Starks Promo And Babyface Turn

Between Daniel Garcia's upset win over Bryan Danielson, Jungle Boy's fiery promo, and Anna Jay's new attitude on full display, a lot transpired on the "AEW Dynamite: Fight For The Fallen" special episode. But the biggest talking point coming out of last night's show is Powerhouse Hobbs betraying Ricky Starks, turning Starks babyface in the process.

The wrestling world is still buzzing about the promo that Starks cut moments after dropping the FTW Title to HOOK, which seemed to plant the seeds for his babyface turn even before Hobbs' timely double-cross.

"Obviously, I lost, and I'm no stranger to losing and I'm okay with that," Ricky Starks told Tony Schiavone. "But I want everybody to know something – I was given that [FTW] title when people thought it was a noose. I turned it around into a tie, and I made the most of it. I took leather and metal and made it into gold. I brought that title back to prominence, nobody back there can say they did, but I did. It was me! I exceeded all expectations, busted my ass every day, and never gave up, even when I was less than 100 percent.

"I deserve to be here talking to all of ya'll for more than 40 seconds. I deserve that. And there are people back there who tell me, 'Hey, be patient. Wait your turn. The time is gonna come.' I don't want to hear that no more. My time was last month, my time was last year, my god damn time is right now! And I don't want people to say that I've had a string of bad luck. It's not bad luck, it's just a string of bad timing, that's why me and Hobbs were..."

At this point, Hobbs began viciously assaulting his former tag team partner.

The likes of Matt Cardona, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, Amanda Huber and Swerve Strickland had nothing but praise for Starks on social media. Furthermore, the TNT Drama Twitter handle is continuing to celebrate Starks by replacing its header photo to display "Starks Week," a play on words to the ongoing "Shark Week" programming across WarnerMedia Discovery's networks.