Omos On What Has Been 'Weird' Backstage The Past Few Months At WWE

Since his "NXT" live event debut back in 2019, the massively tall Omos has been a towering force in WWE, from teaming with AJ Styles to feuding against him, as well as competing in a singles match against Bobby Lashley at "WrestleMania 38." Now, in an interview with "Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy," Omos is speaking out about some of the recent changes happening in the company, and how that has affected the backstage environment.


"It's weird ... not seeing [Vince McMahon] there, because for the last two years ... I saw him every day," Omos said.

However, Omos has positive things to say about the shift in leadership with Paul "Triple H" Levesque taking over creative. "Now it's Hunter there. ... Hunter is one of us," said Omos. "He's one of the boys, so all of us have the trust in him, because he's had similar experiences as us ... It's been a lot more laid back."

Omos went on to detail the differences in approach between McMahon and Levesque. "He's down there during rehearsals, working with the talent. He's very hands-on."

According to Omos, Levesque was the one who brought him into the company as well. "I don't think he even knows. Right before he signed me ... I was struggling," Omos shared. "He literally gave me a lifeline. I don't think he knows that ... I'm forever grateful for that."


Omos has recently been paired up with MVP as a manager. MVP has teased on social media that a reformation of the Hurt Business faction might be on the way, with Omos included this time around.