AEW Rampage Results (09/16) - ROH World Television Title Match, Danhausen Vs. Ethan Page, Darby Allin Vs. Matt Hardy

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "AEW Rampage" on September 16, 2022!

Ring Of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe will be putting his title on the line against Josh Woods. Woods, along with his teammate Tony Nese and manager "Smart" Mark Sterling, interrupted Joe on last week's show and told him that while he's been away in Hollywood filming his new Peacock show, Twisted Metal, they've been grinding away. Sterling then offered up the challenge on Woods' behalf and Joe accepts.

Danhausen will be facing "All Ego" Ethan Page in singles competition. In a backstage segment on this past Wednesday's "Dynamite", Page said that in order to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the self-proclaimed "King of the Atlantic", he wants to begin with the jester of AEW. 

In the women's division, Penelope Ford will be taking on Willow Nightingale. Ford has been earning wins on "Dark" and "Dark: Elevation" since making her return from injury on the August 15 edition of "Dark: Elevation". Nightingale hasn't been seen since beating Allisyn Kay on the Zero Hour Pre-Show of Death Before Dishonor.

Darby Allin will also be squaring off with Matt Hardy after Hardy put out the challenge on Wednesday. He stated that as part of his efforts to work his way back up to the top of AEW, he wants to prove to himself that he's capable of overcoming Allin.

Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin

We are live! The show begins with Darby Allin and Matt Hardy already in the ring as Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho greet audiences at home.

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before spilling to the outside. Allin sends Hardy into the ring steps, then sends Hardy back into the ring. He ascends to the top and looks for a senton, but Hardy moves out of the way and sends Allin spine first into the ringpost.

Back from the break, Allin rolls up Hardy. Hardy kicks out and Allin delivers several Coffin Splashes. Hardy delivers the Side Effect, then goes for a pin but Allin kicks out. Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate, but Allin reverses it into a roll up. Hardy kicks out before Allin delivers a Scorpion Death Drop. Hardy delivers a Crucifix Bomb, then looks for a moonsault press but Allin moves out of the way before delivering a Code Red. He turns it into the Last Supper for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

After the match, the pair share a fist bump.

After the match, the lights go out. When they come back on, Brody King and Julia Hart are in the ring and King attacks Hardy from behind. King then tells Allin and Sting to come to the ring and they oblige. King says that just because they cut the head off the snake, doesn't mean there's no venom still left. King then throws down the challenge for them to take on him and Matthews before they accept.

We hear from Claudio Castagnoli

Back from the break, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta head to the ring.

Castagnoli says that his title represents honor while Blackpool Combat Club is the new symbol of excellence. He says that while Yuta lost his Pure Championship, he knows he'll get back up and win the title once again. Castagnoli then says that his match last week against Dax Harwood was one of the hardest of his career and says that the match between Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson guarantees that BCC will hold at least two titles.

Jericho then grabs a mic and says that the Jericho Appreciation Society is the true symbol of excellence. He says that he should be the one competing for the AEW World Championship at Arthur Ashe Stadium and rattles off companies that he's been a World Champion in. He says that the one place he's never been a World Champion in is ROH before challenging Castagnoli for his title next week on "Dynamite". Castagnoli says he's been waiting for this moment, then accepts the challenge and says he'll beat the hell out of him.

We then head to a video from earlier, featuring Lexy Nair and The Baddies. Nair asks what's next for her and Kiera Hogan says the winning is getting boring. Jade Cargill says she will continue to run through the locker room before Diamante walks in and says that if she wanted a contest, all she had to do was ask. She challenges Cargill for her TBS Championship at Arthur Ashe and says she'll be bringing the baddest b**** from the 305.

Back at ringside, Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian head to the ring. Willow Nightingale follows.

Penelope Ford vs. Willow Nightingale

The bell rings and Nightingale delivers a shoulder block. She delivers a bodyslam, then goes for a pin but Ford kicks out. Ford delivers a double knee to Nightingale.

Back from the break, Ford has the upper hand.. She beats Nightingale down before Nightingale delivers a shoulder tackle that sends Ford into the ropes. Ford delivers a pump kick, then sends Nightingale face first into the mat. Ford locks in the Indian Death Lock, forcing Nightingale to tap.

Winner: Penelope Ford

We then head to Lexy Nair, Dark Order and "Hangman" Adam Page. Page apologizes for screwing up their match and Reynolds says it's the past. Andrade El Idolo and Jose the Assistant walk in. He tells them that they need to understand that they need to be the stars.

Back at ringside, Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway head to the ring. Danhausen follows.

Danhausen vs. Ethan Page

The bell rings and Page laughs at Danhausen. Danhausen mocks Page before the two lock up. Page delivers a pump kick, followed by several right hands. Page delivers a shoulder tackle, then delivers Ego's Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

We then head to a video of Ricky Starks. He says that he admits Powerhouse Hobbs did what he set out to do and says he needs to think about everyone he loves in his life. Starks says that he will see him personally in New York next week.

Back from the break, Josh Woods, Tony Nese and "Smart" Mark Sterling head to the ring. Samoa Joe follows.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Josh Woods For The Ring Of Honor World Television Championship

The bell rings and the two shake hands to observe the Code of Honor. They lock up before exchanging submissions. The two men exchange forearms before Woods locks in a rear choke hold. Joe escapes and hits Woods with a shoulder tackle. Joe delivers a head butt, followed by a kick to Woods' head.

Woods fires back with a pump kick, followed by a couple of right hands to Joe's midsection. Joe looks to lock in a Sleeper Hold, but Woods transitions into a pin. Joe kicks out and delivers a Manhattan Drop, followed by a senton. He hits a powerslam, then goes for a pin but Woods kicks out.

Nese distracts the referee, allowing Woods to roll Joe up. Joe kicks out and Woods hits him with a knee. Joe hits Woods with the STO, followed by the Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Nese and Woods waste no time launching an attack on Joe. Sterling grabs the ROH Television Title and goes to hit him, but Wardlow heads to the ring. Joe grabs Sterling's leg to prevent him from escaping, allowing for Wardlow to set up for the Powerbomb Symphony. Nese saves Sterling by pulling him out of the ring. Wardlow and Joe show respect to one another before standing tall and holding their titles up as the show goes off the air.