Colt Cabana Comments On His Lack Of AEW Television Time

It's been quite some time since Colt Cabana last wrestled on AEW television. Some reports even suggested that the former Dark Order member no longer attends "Dynamite" and "Rampage" tapings due to his bad relationship with CM Punk, which stems from their well-documented lawsuit from a few years back.


Punk's rant about Cabana during the recent All Out media scrum brought more attention to their troubled relationship, but the latter has been tight-lipped regarding his lack of television time these past few months. During a recent Twitch stream, a fan asked about his absence from "Dynamite" and "Rampage," only for Cabana to call it an "odd question."

When pressed to comment further, however, Cabana dismissed any reports of uncertainty surrounding his AEW future by noting that he's still getting paid by the company. "My checks still say AEW so I don't know what to tell you."

While Cabana hasn't appeared on AEW television in recent times, he has been active. The 42-year-old attended this year's Gamescom event to promote the "AEW: Fight Forever" video game, which picked up an award at the show. On top of that, he's been part of both Ring of Honor pay-per-views since Tony Khan acquired the promotion. Moving forward, it seems that he'll be part of the ROH roster full-time.


Cabana also referenced Punk's All Out rant during the aforementioned Twitch stream, joking that his brother also shares a bank account with their mother. This was in response to Punk saying that Cabana and his mom had a joint bank during the All Out press scrum.