Kenny Omega Reportedly Unable To Do Major Show Due To AEW Suspension

With Kenny Omega and the Elite still iced on suspension following their role in the post AEW All Out brawl, some have been wondering what this means for the group regarding appearances outside of AEW. A new statement from the booker of one of said promotions seems to suggest that neither Omega nor the Bucks will be able to do much until the situation regarding the brawl is resolved, though another source suggests it's not as simple.

Last week on Keepin it 100, AAA matchmaker Konnan revealed that Omega wouldn't be appearing on AAA's upcoming TripleMania XXX: Mexico City event due to what occurred following AEW's most recent PPV.

"Omega was gonna headline Triplemania and [AEW] won't let him go," Konnan said.

However, Dave Meltzer disputed Omega's involvement in TripleMania early Monday morning on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

"He was never on the show to begin with," Meltzer said. "They had hoped that they could get him, and they were told he's suspended so they can't get him, that's all true. But he was not booked on the show, and it does not mean, if he was not suspended, he would've been on the show. It just means that when they asked for him, they were told he was suspended. But he had not agreed to do the show."

Meltzer also provided further insight into how AAA may have been viewing Omega's involvement at TripleMania, which he believes would've involved AAA Mega Champion Hijo del Vikingo.

AAA Still Looking To Do Kenny Omega vs. Hijo del Vikingo

"When Omega was champion in AAA, he asked for a match, he said 'I want to wrestle Vikingo,'" Meltzer said. "And Vikingo, in AAA, while he's a great wrestler, he wasn't this big main eventer or anything like that. He was a spectacular wrestler. And Kenny saw him and wanted to do a match with him. Then Kenny was not able to fulfill that because he needed to take time off for all of his injuries. And Kenny and Vikingo was already announced."

Meltzer added that AAA made Vikingo champion because they did not know how long Omega would be sidelined, with the idea that Omega would return to do the match, and have kept the championship on Vikingo ever since. 

"If they could've got him, of course, they would've put him in a match with Vikingo. And they did that poll and everything like that," Meltzer said. "But again, he was never booked on that show, and then not allowed to do it."

As of this writing, Vikingo, the #8 ranked wrestler in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, has no opponent for TripleMania: Mexico City next month, though he is expected to defend the AAA Mega Championship against AEW star Rey Fenix.

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