Viral White Rabbit Game Reportedly Not Connected To WWE

It is getting to the point in the "White Rabbit" craze where we are all collectively Robert Stack in "BASEketball," screaming "Update; we still have no f*****g clue who this guy is." But as the mystery of who the "White Rabbit" is continues to grow, fans are now looking into places to provide more evidence on who the identity of this individual is, including a particular video that, evidently, has nothing to do with the situation.

Over the past few days, a Tic Tac Toe game that is White Rabbit themed has gone viral on Reddit's Squared Circle forum, with some believing the game is connected to WWE's viral marketing storyline. Alas, that isn't the case. Fightful Select is reporting that the game and WWE's "White Rabbit" have nothing to do with each other, and are, as such, not connected. Regardless, the video's lack of connection will do little to change the fact that Bray Wyatt remains the favorite in the clubhouse to eventually be revealed as the "White Rabbit." While there has been no report confirming it's Wyatt, or that he's back in WWE, fan speculation has continued to lean towards him, and reportedly many within WWE see him the former "Fiend" as the most likely candidate as well.

No other serious contender has emerged for the role, outside of halfhearted guesses involving Karrion Kross, who briefly played a character called The White Rabbit in Lucha Underground. The closest to Wyatt when it comes to being a logical pick is Malakai Black. AEW's House of Black leader was briefly rumored after a "White Rabbit" clue on "Raw" featured lyrics to Black's old WWE theme song, only for speculation to end when Black took to Instagram soon after to reveal he had not been released by AEW, and would be returning to the promotion sometime later this year.