Saraya Tweets And Deletes How She Feels About Her Time With WWE

Saraya made her AEW debut on September 21, 2022, running off Britt Baker, Rebel, Serena Deeb, and Jamie Hayter while protecting Athena and Toni Storm, with this being her first televised appearance in wrestling since she managed the Kabuki Warriors in WWE. The following week, prior to Toni Storm defending the Interim AEW Women's World Championship against Serena Deeb, Saraya delivered a promo stating that the boss she works forĀ  now actually listens to her, which her old boss did not, meaning Vince McMahon. This line sparked a bit of controversy, as some pointed out that WWE had helped her out in different areas, both on and offscreen with mental battles and physical injuries she had suffered through.

Following the controversy, Saraya tweeted (but has since deleted the tweet) where she made it clear about her feelings regarding her time within WWE. "I say how my current boss listens to me and all of sudden it's, "So hAtE yOu WwE". No I don't. I loved my time there. I appreciate the time and opportunities I was given. Especially in my NXT days with Triple H. I'm happy now in AEW though. Tribalism in the IWC is so bizarre to me."

Saraya, formerly known as Paige in "NXT" and WWE, worked under 14-time World Champion Triple H who was Head of Creative for the developmental brand at the time, and became the inaugural "NXT" Women's Champion. To this day, Saraya holds the fourth-longest reign in the brand's history, recently passed by current champion Mandy Rose who is nearing 340 days. Upon arriving to the main roster, Saraya won the WWE Divas Championship on her first night during the 'Raw" after WrestleMania 30 and would go on to win the title once more later that year.