Behind-The-Scenes Insight Into Why Andrade El Idolo Is Acting The Way He Is In AEW

In what has become an ugly pattern for AEW lately, last night's "Dynamite" featured an exciting wrestling show in front of the cameras but has been garnering more attention for what happened behind the scenes – this time involving Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo. While the details continue to be sorted out as to what exactly transpired, the incident resulted in Andrade being sent home, while Guevara remained to wrestle in the already-promoted main event.


On this morning's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated that there's a clear reason for Andrade's behavior in deciding to come to blows with the "Spanish God," even after both were apparently warned about the consequences of a physical interaction following their Twitter dispute earlier in the week. "Andrade's trying to get fired," Meltzer explained. "We all know that. So far [he hasn't succeeded]. When guys want to leave, some will go to great extremes to do that. It's happened in WWE."

Meltzer also provided further insight into some of the speculation that there is talent in AEW that is unhappy and looking for a way out of the company, something that was once happening with talent looking for greener pastures outside of WWE. "Now the situation is on the other front, where there's a few people — and it's not that many — it's like three that want to leave," Meltzer said. "There's different stories and whatever. And Andrade is one of them."


No other details were provided as to the other wrestlers trying to leave. Up until recently, it had been believed by some that both Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews wanted out of AEW, though both have since clarified their positions and denied it. In an Instagram Live last Monday, Black stated emphatically that he would return to AEW soon but was taking time off in the meantime whereas Matthews took to Twitter to call such reports about his departure "fake."

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