Austin Theory Names WWE Star Who Taught Him To Take His Time In Matches

Austin Theory has been on WWE's main roster since last year's draft, and on his first night on "WWE Raw," Theory made a statement by attacking Jeff Hardy. Since his debut, Theory has become the youngest United States Champion and youngest  Money in the Bank briefcase holder in history — a stat the 25-year-old commonly calls to attention. Theory has been able to learn from veterans in the WWE locker room, including former world champions. In an interview with WrestleRant, Theory named which two-time former World Heavyweight Champion has helped him slow down in the ring.

"With Dolph [Ziggler], really learned just getting the crowd and just taking your time," said Theory, who also cited Finn Balor as someone who has helped him improve."

Theory and Ziggler engaged in a mini-feud this year, with Ziggler wanting to teach the rookie a lesson. The two have faced each other in four WWE house show matches, with Ziggler winning the first two and Theory winning the second two. In their only televised match against each other, Theory defeated Ziggler in the main event of "Raw" this past August.

Ziggler has been on WWE television for 16 years. In 2018, he became a Grand Slam Champion when he won the "Raw" Tag Team Championships alongside Drew McIntyre. Ziggler has held the United States Championship twice and the Intercontinental Championship six times.

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