Ronda Rousey Gives Insight Into WWE's Draft And Survivor Series Plans

WWE currently has two brands, "Raw" and "SmackDown," with each brand having their own distinct wrestlers for the most part, minus a select group who crossover at different times such as The Bloodline, Omos, and Damage CTRL. Trades are available between brands, as recently seen with Rey Mysterio being added to the "SmackDown" roster while Baron Corbin became the newest addition to "Raw," returning alongside JBL.

Multiple WWE stars will be affected by the next draft, both onscreen and in real-life, as it could shakeup their schedule and also give them new opponents to compete against. While streaming on YouTube, "SmackDown" Women's Champion Ronda Rousey gave insight into upcoming draft plans for WWE and who she would like to face in her third reign with gold. "Me and Asuka would be great," Rousey said. "Maybe that's something I could pitch at like, because they do the draft before Survivor Series, that I could pitch them drafting Asuka. But isn't she part of like, the Bianca faction now? It's Alexa [Bliss], and Asuka, and Bianca are like, a faction now. I don't think that they would let me steal her."

Rousey discussed who she would be interested in teaming with at Survivor Series and if the event will follow the past years' style of doing brand versus brand matches. "Who would be on my team besides Shayna to make it even, three versus three?" Rousey continued. "Would we turn Liv [Morgan] evil? Would Nattie turn? ... I don't know if they're going to do a traditional Survivor Series this year with champion versus champion. I'm hearing it's all up in the air and no one really knows what's going on ... I don't know if [Charlotte Flair] would want to be part of a team, though. That would be very interesting." One thing that is known about Survivor Series is that it will introduce WarGames matches to the main WWE roster.