Eric Bischoff Loves WWE PLE Decision

In previous years, WWE has attempted to put on upwards of 20 premium live events (or "pay-per-views" as they're traditionally known) throughout a calendar year, including both main roster and past "NXT" Takeovers. However, there may not be as many on the horizon. WWE recently announced the cancellation of Day 1, which would have taken place in early January for the second year in a row. By canceling the Day 1, there will be a two-month period in WWE between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble where there is not a major main roster event. WWE's developmental brand "NXT" will be holding a PLE on December 10th. WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, who has served on WWE's creative team in the past, discussed his thoughts on WWE's decision to put on less premium live events.

"Absolutely love it, I think it's a great move," Bischoff said while on "Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff." "Gimmick matches for the sake of gimmick matches ... Here lies a man who hates gimmick matches/pay-per-views because it's just a cheap way out. I've said this for years, like a long time, maybe a decade or two, gimmick matches are nothing more than someone telling the world they don't know how to write a story."

WWE's most recent premium live event was Extreme Rules, where every match on the card had some sort of stipulation attached to it — with the show containing an I Quit Match, a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match, and many more. The main event saw Seth Rollins take on Matt Riddle inside of a Fight Pit, which is the third match ever of its kind and the first time it has ever been seen by a main roster audience.

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