Logan Paul Gives Insight Into Training For WWE Title Match Against Roman Reigns

WWE knew what it was getting when signing Logan Paul. His celebrity status cannot be dismissed. It's something that, combined with his work ethic, has led to him receiving a match with Roman Reigns on November 5 at Crown Jewel for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Becoming a WWE Superstar doesn't come easily, though. In a recent interview with Fox's Ryan Satin, Paul explained how he's been preparing.


"I'm getting in the ring a lot," Paul said. "WWE was nice enough to actually build a ring in Puerto Rico where I live so I can train. Because at the end of the day, comfortability in that squared circle is the most important thing. I'm finding that the more I can take my bumps, bounce off the ropes, practice my flips, the better I'm getting."

There is one aspect Paul is struggling with, and it's one he's desperate to improve.

"The physicality comes easy to me," he continued. "Truly what I need to work on is my mic skills. 18,000 people all heckling me live while I try to deliver a story is very difficult. Doing WWE promos is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, and I have so much respect for the superstars who get in there and rattle off this stuff to perfection. I'm just not there yet."


Paul has some familiar faces in wrestling helping him.

"Yep he's one of them," Paul replied when asked if Drew Gulak was training him. "It's him and Hurricane Shane Helms. Him and Shane have been coaching me because I don't have this luxury of having the learning curve like a lot of these wrestlers do. I need to get incredible now. Send everyone you got and every resource you have to make me good now."

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