Nick Aldis Feels Billy Corgan Disrespected His Wife And More On NWA Fallout

Monday has been all about the falling out between the NWA and their top star Nick Aldis. Things had appeared rocky for a bit now, with Aldis being pulled out of the NWA 74 main event earlier this summer, and the past two days seeing Aldis announce over the weekend he was giving his notice to leave NWA this December when his deal expired, followed by NWA suspending him earlier today.


So what was the catalyst for NWA and Aldis' relationship fracturing? According to Fightful Select, who spoke to Aldis after the latter canceled an upcoming interview, Aldis' relationship with the NWA soured due to disrespect from NWA President Billy Corgan towards Aldis' wife, Mickie James, before and after last year's NWA EmPowerrr event. James was instrumental in putting together EmPowerrr, and was largely seen as the face of the show. Fightful also revealed that several female talents that have regularly appeared in the NWA have felt disrespected by recent comments made by Corgan and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch, suggesting a second EmPowerrr wasn't feasible due to lack of depth/a lack of worthy women's wrestlers to put together a show. Corgan again drew controversy early Monday morning for echoing past thoughts on the matter.


Aldis' frustration regarding James' treatment had been kept quiet until now, Fightful noted, largely due to Aldis' status within the NWA. It was further revealed that Aldis will be making media appearances to address the matter later this week, confirming the story won't be going anywhere just yet. As for whether or not the issues between Aldis and the NWA could be part of a storyline, as some have speculated, sources within the promotion told Fightful that they weren't sure if the issues were legit or not. NWA COO Joe Galli publicly denied earlier on Monday that Aldis' suspension was a work.