Zac Efron Shares First Look At 'Iron Claw'

Wrestling fans may be in for a treat when "The Iron Claw," a film following the legendary Von Erich family, releases presumably sometime in 2023. Up until now, however, folks have only gotten bits and pieces from the production. Zac Efron is playing the role of Kevin Von Erich, and the work he's put in so far is plain for all to see. So much so that he, as well as his sons Ross and Marshall, were very appreciativeĀ of the way Efron had been approaching the role. And now, courtesy of the lead actor himself, fans have their first look at some in-ring action from the film.


Taking to Instagram Monday afternoon, Efron posted a photo of himself mid-dropkick.

"First Look at my latest project Iron Claw! Can't wait to show you more...let's go šŸ‘Š@a24," Efron wrote.

Other stars for the movie include Maurey Tierney ("ER," "Liar Liar") andĀ Holt McCallany ("Mindhunter") while professional wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr.Ā has been brought in as a wrestling coordinator while also landing a role in the film itself. This sort of thing won't be new for Guerrero, as he previously worked onĀ theĀ Netflix series "GLOW" and theĀ NBC series "Young Rock."

As for the star himself, making a film about professional wrestlers while playing a legendary pro wrestler can be tricky to navigate. Fans and those in the industry can only hope these projects are taken seriously and treated with respect. With the support of the Von Erich family already on record, not to mention Efron's physique as more images make their way into the public eye, it appears as though he's doing exactly that.