AEW Issues Clarification On 'Fight Forever' And Teases Impending Update

There appeared to be some developments regarding AEW's upcoming video game "AEW: Fight Forever" yesterday when a report emerged that "Fight Forever" would be available on X-Box Game Pass on the first day of the game's release. But, as Lee Corso has said many times during his analysis on ESPN's "College Gameday": "Not so fast, my friend!"


In a series of tweets earlier this afternoon, AEW Games clarified some of what looks to have been erroneously reported while also revealing that some important information regarding "Fight Forever" was still on the way. 

"The internet is buzzing about 'AEW: Fight Forever' but AEW Games is THE OFFICIAL source for all news and info related to 'AEW Fight Forever,'" the tweet read. "Hang tight for a new, exclusive 'AEW: Fight Forever' update next Saturday, Nov. 19 during AEW Full Gear!" AEW Games continued with information regarding Game Pass, or lack thereof right now. "This also seems like a good time to share that we don't anticipate 'AEW Fight Forever' being part of any monthly gaming subscription services. 'AEW: Fight Forever' will be available in store at your favorite retailers or online."


This official word from AEW Games comes nearly two years after the promotion first revealed the development of 'Fight Forever', which has seen the heavy involvement of AEW star and Executive Vice President Kenny Omega. 2022 has seen a steady stream of news regarding the game, with gameplay being featured at both Gamescom in Germany and the Tokyo Game Show back in August and September. However, an official release date has still yet to be announced.