Dustin Rhodes Feels Recent AEW Hire Is Step In The Right Direction

The wrestling world was stunned last week when Jeff Jarrett appeared on "AEW Dynamite," dropping Darby Allin with a guitar shot as he joined forces with Jay Lethal. It was then announced that he had signed a contract to take on AEW's Director of Business Development role, much to the delight of a fellow WCW alumni.


"It's going to be great," Dustin Rhodes told "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling" recently.

"He has quite an extensive background for stuff like this, for the live events, for international, and distribution, and things of that nature," Rhodes said. "He's been behind the camera and in the truck, and as a director running the shows with TNA ... I think he's going to make an immediate impact."

Live events are something that AEW does not do at the moment, only putting shows on for taped television purposes. However, the company is continuing to grow and it appears that is going to lead to more shows taking place in the future, with Jarrett's help. Rhodes believes that AEW is "getting better and better," even though he hasn't competed in the ring since August when he challenged Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Title. 


'We are working hard for the same goal.'

Rhodes is being patient with his recovery and finding a silver lining in getting to see the next generation of talent grow.

"I love coaching these kids and seeing them grow and learn so much from like day one," he said. "It's incredible that these kids have come together, we are working like a team, it just feels like that team atmosphere we are all working together."


There's been plenty of talk about fallouts backstage as of late in AEW, and Rhodes admitted that "of course, somebody complains about something, every company has it." However, he is adamant that teamwork is crucial as he said, "for the most part we are all together and we are working hard for the same goal, which is to be the best wrestling company on the planet."

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