Nick Aldis Reveals Crazy Fact About All In Match Against Cody Rhodes

While Nick Aldis did a whole hell of a lot with the NWA before their less than amicable divorce in the last week, arguably the highlight of his tenure there was his set of matches with Cody Rhodes over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the most famous of the two matches coming at All In back in September 2018. And given what we know of Aldis' relationship with the NWA now, one can be forgiven for thinking things were a bit difficult in putting that match together.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Aldis revealed any difficulties in the series of matches with Rhodes occurred more during the second match than the first. In fact, it appears things were very loose in regards to how the first match came together.

"I don't recall it being very tough," Aldis said. "I think that after All In, and when we had the rematch, things were a little more challenging, because by that time, Cody had given his notice to Ring of Honor. And so Ring of Honor were not as willing to give him everything he wanted, because Cody and I wanted to do a trilogy. And that basically got shot down after he told Ring of Honor that he was moving on, because they basically said, "Well, we are doing you a favor by allowing you to do these NWA title matches. We've already agreed to the rematch in Nashville that's already sold out, so go ahead and do business and that'll be the end of it."

Nick Aldis Says He And Cody Rhodes Never Discussed All In Finish

"So I know that Cody was frustrated and upset with that, but I don't think that had... He and I are great dance partners ... The process with Cody and I was probably the easiest I've ever had. One of the easiest I've ever had. Because, I don't know, I think we have the same philosophy on the wrestling business. I really do. And I think that a perfect way to exemplify what I'm saying is, we never actually even discussed the finish for All In."

Just to make sure he wasn't being taken out of context, Aldis confirmed that there was no push for him to drop the title to Rhodes from anyone, implying that ultimately the two decided things on their own.

"No one ever said to me 'Hey, we'd like you to drop the title to Cody,'" Aldis said. "I just understood that was the right thing to do. Obviously when we talked about the rematch and everything, there was an understanding that we were going to trade it back and forth, but no one ever sat me down in a room and said 'I want you to lose to Cody.'

"We did the angle, we worked together, we did the whole thing, I knew what the best outcome was for the fans, and so did Cody. We didn't need to have a conversation about 'Will you put me over?' And we also didn't need to have a conversation ... when it was time for him to do business back the other way. We just understood what was the right thing to do for the audience."